Meet Jennifer Espenshade

Meet Jennifer EspenshadeAlthough Jennifer Espenshade has been doing standup comedy for only a few years, she has been entertaining crowds for the past 25 years as a performer at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, doing comedy in a giant pit of mud!  She was also the co-owner of an improv comedy troupe, and taught improvisation at Open Stage of Harrisburg.  Her transition from improv and mud pit diving to standup seemed like a natural progression, plus standup is much more forgiving on her aging body!

She approaches her audiences in an energetic and, at times, risqué manner.   Her ability to interact with a crowd, due to her improv background, ensures that each show is different and unique.

She has opened for numerous comedians, such as Earl David Reed, Larry XL, Kevin Lee, Liz Russo and Patrick Garrity.  She has performed in clubs including The Comedy Zone, Comedy Cabaret and Bonkerz Comedy Clubs.

Jennifer Espenshade on Stage